Ouj Aram Passenger Airlines Agency was opened in 2016 with the aim of attracting tourists from the tourist market in the neighboring country, Iraq, for tourist trips. With the change in the board of directors and the entry of new partners and the development of new goals in attracting Iranian travelers, we have entered into written and tacit agreements with the embassies of Spain, France, Japan, and the Czech Republic and succeeded in organizing Asian, European, and Continental tours. South and North America and to all destinations of Iranian tourists.

According to the science of business and the knowledge of selling visas of other countries, which has a high number of contacts, we have succeeded in attracting travelers and tourists and successfully obtaining visas for the following countries: Japan, Australia, America, England, Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, France and other countries. We have become Asian and soon we will become other popular countries. With the goals mentioned in the collection, we have succeeded in attracting travelers from the class of engineers, doctors, real estate developers, activists and industrial entrepreneurs, and based on their requests for obtaining various residences from Canada, Asia and other popular countries. We want to attract employees with high sales intelligence and partners or professional employers with a healthy history.


our staff

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آقای عبدالهی

mohsen abdolahi

خانم آرنک

sima arank (داخلی121)

Manager of Asian tours

خانم هیروند


خانم عیسی نژاد

Tour Assistant & Support

Tour Assistant & Support

آقای عرفانی

Tour Assistant & Support

خانم قاسمی

Tour Assistant & Support

خانم نورزاده

Tour Assistant & Support

خانم نرگسی

Tour Assistant & Support

خانم بهروزی

Tour Assistant & Support

IT support

Value and prospects

The vision and values of the company can be mentioned as follows:

Moving towards selling and getting all types of accommodation
Increasing the number of experts
Creating diverse and attractive new tourist destinations
Planning and foundation to create a platform and field for the arrival of international tourists
Investing in advertising and branding

our customers

Doctors and treatment staff
Builders and real estate agents
Entrepreneurs and industry activists
Activists in the field of clothing
Food products
Automotive and parts

Tuba company’s turbine production
Mina Co
Importer and exporter traders
money changers
Freelance jobs
Ministry and bank employees
Agency colleagues in the country and other cities

our services

Tour planning for all the most popular destinations and cities in the world, with a history of conducting tours in the following countries: America, Canada, Spain, combined tours of European countries, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Maldives, England, Arctic and Russia, neighboring countries, Asian countries. East, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, South Africa.

Spain, America, New Zealand, Australia, America, Czech Republic, France, Japan, Germany, Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, China and many other countries.

Ticket sales:
All airlines in domestic and foreign routes originating from all Iranian cities sell domestic Soto tickets to Canada, America, Europe, Australia, Asia and East Asia and all international routes.

Leader rental:
Daily and hourly, private or group in all European and Asian cities and high-traffic destinations. Dear Iranian travelers who speak Farsi and are familiar with tourist laws. The leaders are not Iranian students or refugees. They are all experienced in the tourist industry and have a brilliant work history. .

Embassy services: embassy deposit, embassy appointment, transfer to embassies or fingerprinting centers, American green card services, accompanying translator for the embassy, guidance and advice for obtaining a visa, translation of documents, passport pickup and all embassy services of all embassies.

Obtaining residence and passport and company registration:
French residence / Dominica passport / German residence / Turkish passport / Turkish residence / Canadian passport / United Arab Emirates residence / United Arab Emirates company registration / Slovenia residence / Registration of your companies in Slovenia / Andorra passport

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